Faculty of Dentistry

About Dentistry

Mission of Our Faculty
Since its establishment, our aim as İstinye University Faculty of Dentistry; To create a student-centered dentistry faculty that combines scientific-based, evidence-based and qualified dentistry education with research culture and technology, where there is a strong communication between academicians and students, that can think critically and creatively, internalize scientific perspective, respect people and humanity, and add value to their profession. to train leading physicians and to carry out scientific researches that contribute to the progress of humanity and produce universal knowledge.

Vision of Our Faculty
The vision of our faculty is to be one of the world's leading dental faculties in innovation and technology development in the field of dentistry, aiming for excellence in education, research and health service delivery.

Strengths of Our Faculty
Sufficient number of faculty members, All faculty members must have a very good command of the foreign language.
Faculty members should be equipped to successfully deliver courses and practices in preclinical and clinical sciences,
Its staff is young and highly motivated, thus making the program more dynamic and rich.
It was established by the 21st Century Anadolu Foundation, the continuation of the MLPCare Group, which brings together three different hospital brands, "Liv Hospital", "Medical Park" and "VM Medical Park", under one roof and has more than 25 years of knowledge, experience and investments in the health sector. Being a Faculty of Dentistry of a University
Presence of centers equipped with the latest technology such as Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering, Molecular Cancer, Neurological Sciences and Medical Artificial Intelligence Application and Research Center in our university